When you work with Donnic Data Corp., you get the benefit of over 45 years of experience in direct marketing. You see it in our attention to detail, whether in security, customer service, or meticulous mailing lists. We know that even the smallest detail can mean the difference in a campaign that is profitable, and one that breaks even.

Donnic’s state-of-the-art postal addressing enhancements begin with our customization process. We don’t just use off-the-shelf software – we’re database experts. We assess your needs and customize each program to fit you exactly.

The result is the cleanest lists, zero invalid addresses, and the best de-duping possible. We build our programs around making your lists the most cost-effective they can be.

Donnic tailors our service to fit your company. Lists that require full-time maintenance get expert, full-time staff – and you won’t find the bigger houses making that kind of guarantee.


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